Someone who lives for samba?
Paloma does more than that. She actually lives samba.



Someone who lives for samba? Paloma does more than that. She actually lives samba.

Paloma was born in 1984 in Candeal, one of the poor areas of Salvador da Bahia, a sprawling Brazilian city of millions. Growing up in a typical Afro-Brazilian family in modest circumstances, she had responsibility thrust upon her at a very early age.

Like many others in this part of the world, Paloma found hope and confidence in music, but a career as a singer seemed out of the question. She got by with odd jobs, making ends meet as best she could. Not unusual, in Salvador.

At 18, she met up with some local musicians who asked if she would be interested in singing with them. Paloma realised how much she needed music and joined “Pracatum”, a charitable music promotion project in Candeal/Salvador. Paloma worked hard, keen to make good use of this opportunity. Her immense talent was soon recognised and nurtured. Before long, Paloma sang herself into people’s hearts.

In 2007, fate walked into her life in the form of Toby Gough, the Scottish music and show producer. Determined to find “genuine, traditional samba”, he had flown to Brazil on a talent-spotting mission, and to gather ideas for a new show. Someone told him to look for different bands.

A day later, Toby Gough tracked down Paloma in Candeal and made her and the band an incredible offer: Europe, Hamburg, a four-week Samba Show and then a European tour.

Meanwhile, DANNEMANN had appointed TBWA Hamburg to find a singer for a song written for the DANNEMANN brand by Frank Ramond (who has written for Annett Lousian, Roger Cicero and others) and Daniela Mercury. Both of them heard about a Brazil Show in Zurich: news of the talented singer Paloma Gomes was spreading fast. Soon, they were in contact with producer Toby Gough.

The next day, Paloma and Ramond went to the studio to record the vocals for “Canta Bahia”. The results? A spirited samba and a mellow bossa nova version. Yes, Paloma really does live samba.

And now, an additional music clip filmed in Salvador and São Félix da Bahia gives viewers a memorable glimpse of Paloma Gomes’ world, allowing them to share in the magic.