The Legendary Sound of Bahia



The Legendary Sound of Bahia

DANNEMANN is a company with a long tradition. Geraldo Dannemann opened a tobacco-making facility in the small town of São Félix, not far from the port city of Salvador da Bahia, back in 1873. To this day, it has remained a symbol of his passion for quality tobacco-growing. The parent company, the Centro Dannemann in São Félix, is now a tobacco-making plant and a cultural centre of the region.

Tobacco is not the only thing that flourishes in Bahia, in eastern Brazil: the city is home to samba, too. Originally imported from West Africa to Bahia, the ‘Samba de Roda’ remains an elixir of life for the primarily black population. Legend even has it that Brazilian Samba originated in a tobacco factory, but that’s another story ...

For DANNEMANN, portraying the world of Bahia outside Brazil is more than just a clever marketing idea. Rather, it is a bow to the tradition inherent in this brand. We want to export this country’s culture to the world through this vibrant song, sharing four minutes of something very special with the friends of DANNEMANN, and possibly even awaken a taste for more ...

PALOMA GOMES has been the musical voice of DANNEMANN since March 2008.

The 23 year-old is a graduate of the PRACATUM Music College in Salvador da Bahia. She comes from a typical Afro-Brazilian family of modest means. She has used her talent as a singer and performer, and her love of music, to move her life in a new direction.

She sings here in the rhythmic Brazilian pop version of our brand song, and in the jazz-lounge bossa nova version of “Canta Bahia”.

As pictures are known to say more than words, we have filmed a music clip with Paloma in her home district, and in São Félix, telling the story of how Paloma Gomes went from a humble factory worker to a samba queen.

Paloma sings and dances her way into people’s hearts, full of hope that one day the sun will shine on each and every one of us, and that “Canta Bahia” will put the sun into listeners’ hearts right now.